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Shell Cores

At Shell Core Specialties we pride ourselves in being the largest job shop providing custom cores and stack molds in our area.  With customers ranging from British Columbia to Texas and into the Mississippi Valley, we provide quality cores to many foundries throughout the Western States.  Our experience in shipping assures that even the most complex cores arrive to your facility without incident.    Our facility manufactures cores from ounces to 40+ pounds and 24 inches in diameter, using a variety of sands and binder levels to accommodate all foundry needs from aluminum and bronze to cast iron and steel.

We also provide a complete line of round stock cores in silica with 3.5% binder from 5/16” x 8” size to 6” x 20”.  We can customize the material as needed using ceramic, olivine or zircon sand.    Please contact us for a listing of all sizes offered as in stock items.

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